epk Did Didn’t Will Won’t

Artist name: Angelo Gianni
EP name: Did Didn’t Will Won’t
Release date: November 9, 2018
Website: angelogianni.com

Did Didn’t Will Won’t is the second EP release by Angelo Gianni, who formerly fronted the alt-rock band Treadmill Trackstar (Breaking/Atlantic Records).

Throughout his years in Treadmill Trackstar, Angelo Gianni’s musical bread-and-butter was a robust combination of driving rock guitars and head-nodding pop melodies, all infused with a heavy dose of cleverly cynical lyrics. On his second solo EP, Did Didn’t Will Won’t, Gianni tweaks the formula — sometimes subtly and sometimes brazenly. Guitars, melodies, and cynical lyrics are still present in spades, but the album finds Gianni upping his game on pristine pop harmonies — with vocals intricately layered to create a wash of symphonic pop sound — while also employing surprising instrumentation and electronic textures and rhythms.

The result is an album that forages ingredients from 60’s brit pop, alt-rock, and alt-country, while pushing into fresh musical territory. In an era when rock is struggling to find its way forward, Did Didn’t Will Won’t makes the case that there’s still gas in the tank for those willing to take a test drive.

Angelo Gianni is based in Asheville, North Carolina.

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For more information, contact angelo@angelogianni.com.

Release Date: Available everywhere on Nov. 9, 2018

EP Credits:
Produced by angelo gianni.  Co-produced by John Furr. Recorded at Augmented Fourth Studio in Asheville NC by angelo gianni. Mixed at Archer Avenue Studio in Columbia SC by Kenny McWilliams. Mastered at Studio B in Charlotte NC by Dave Harris.

vox, guitars, bass, drums, piano, keys, & sounds performed by angelo gianni

Artist Site   angelogianni.com
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